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Meet Dr. Liebscher

Here I would like to introduce you to Dr. Gregory Liebscher, I was sent to Dr. Liebscher by a friend of mine who told me he was the best and with my own research I agreed! My journey began with a consultation where I first met Dr. Liebscher, he was very nice and made me feel so comfortable. We sat and discussed what exactly it was that I wanted to gain from the tummy tuck. I then scheduled my surgery for three weeks later! Our next meeting was on May 22nd at the surgery center, he came in and talked to me and reassured me about everything. After I awoke from surgery guess who was standing right there??? (Dr. Liebscher) he told me how great everything went and I gave him a big hug and said thank you! Dr. Liebscher you are truely an artist and I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me! You are the BEST!
Below is a link to Dr. Liebscher's Website please check it out and read all about him!